Visit Phoenix urges governor to veto SB 1062

Visit Phoenix urges governor to veto SB 1062Visit Phoenix urges governor to veto SB 1062

PHOENIX (Feb. 25, 2014) — Visit Phoenix delivered a letter to Gov. Jan Brewer Monday, urging her to veto Arizona Senate Bill 1062.

Visit Phoenix joins dozens of other Arizona business and community organizations in opposition to the bill, which would expand religious protections in state law in a way that could lead to discrimination against members of the LGBT community.

In its letter to the governor, Visit Phoenix stated “that the limited intent of SB 1062 is not worth the negative repercussions it would cause for Arizona.”

The letter also stated:

The perception that any visitor might be denied service in our state would tarnish Phoenix’s appeal as a convention and leisure destination. Convention groups are composed of diverse memberships, and meeting professionals whose job it is to identify convention destinations put great importance on maximizing attendance. Meeting professionals are our largest customers, and in the span between the bill’s passage and today, numerous planners have told us SB 1062 presents a huge impediment to bringing their business to Arizona.

Gov. Brewer has five days to take action on the bill, which was delivered to her desk Monday. She has until Saturday to either sign or veto it. She vetoed a similar bill a year ago.

To read the full text of Visit Phoenix’s letter opposing the legislation, click here. / LGTNetwork

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